Only four moves! Automated marketing tools to easily complete your marketing funnel

2019 Marketers must know the marketing method "Automated Marketing"

Even if you are not a digital marketer, you have heard of "marketing automation".

No matter your business is big or small, niche, or experience, there are many ways to help your business automate marketing more effectively.

Today in 2018, more and more companies are paying attention to the effectiveness of automated marketing, and more and more companies need to rely on marketing automation tools to help their revenue grow.

Marketing automation is the process of using technology to manage and automatically transform potential customers into real buyers.

Through the process of demand transformation, potential customer management, sales and marketing, various tasks and workflows are automated.

Marketing automation helps shorten the sales cycle, increase revenue, and increase the return on marketing investment. This is indispensable for the success of inbound marketing.

And directlyMarketingThe two most important factors for success include:

One, communicate with the right audience (potential customers).

Second, deliver valuable and actionable information.

And automationMarketingTools are to help you deliver the right information to the right audience at the right time.

Of course the quality of the content is the key; high-quality, creative content is the key, not technology. And automated marketing tools just help you deliver good content automatically to the audience in need.

When you deliver the right information to users, they will become loyal users because they get the information they want.

There are thousands of automated marketing tools on the market, how to choose?

The leading marketing automation tools useful for SMEs are:

  • HubSpot
  • Mautic
  • InfusionSoft

The leading tools useful for mid-sized companies are:

  • Marketo
  • Adobe Campaign
  • Oracle Eloqua
  • Pardot and ExactTarget (Salesforce)
  • Silverpop (IBM)

Taking hubsoda as an example, we will recommend the most suitable tools for customers according to different budgets and functions.

Today, we will introduce some simple and economical methods to start your automated marketing.

What exactly is automated marketing?

First, let us understand what this is:

Marketing automation uses technology to automate and optimize repetitive marketing tasks. Through continuous testing to find the most suitable marketing activities.

We can further subdivide, automated marketing is...

  • Use technology...

Technology is very important to automation, and we can replace manpower with marketing tools and algorithms.

  • To automate...

A good automation system can work by itself. You only need to set up all the marketing tools and let the program run by itself, and we only need to track and review the results.

  • Then optimize...

A unique automated marketing tool that also collects data to make yourself more useful, it will at least allow you to improve it. They can also customize your marketing methods more finely, which is not only super efficient, but also more effective.

  • Repetitive marketing tasks...

If you find yourself doing repetitive tasks-for example, capturing analysis data, sending the latest blog posts via email, or collecting customer information. Then, you should consider trying automation.

It doesn’t make sense to automate that kind of one-off job. Just setting up and learning automated marketing tools already takes more time than the job itself. However, if you are doing this work every day or even every week, it will definitely be more efficient to devote time to learning the operation of automated marketing tools and using tools to help you market.

Today, from customer development to sales, teach you how to create a digital marketing funnel for repetitive tasks.


Social media-lead development and brand awareness

The most time spent in marketing is social media. You need a lot of time to post, tweet, and comment.

But it is also the biggest source of free traffic, potential customers, and happy users.

The problem is that most people do not market social media in an efficient and effective way. Now start using a little time to set up a plan, you will have more time in the future and improve your event performance at the same time!

Today, our goal will be on automatic content distribution.

In other words, you have to make sure that the content of the newsletter is useful and consistent in order to attract readers and optimize click-through rates.

If you are still logging into Twitter three times a day to make sure that you can post on time, it is better to put aside your work and create a Butter account.

Okay, now you have a Buffer account, please connect to your social platform.

If you need, you can set a different schedule for each channel.

From Sprout Social's teaching guide, you can learn which days and time periods are best for posting on various social networks.

If you want advanced customization in a data-driven way, you can take a look at these social media publishing tools and give you tailor-made suggestions:

All you need to do is add new content to your queue, and Buffer will automatically post at the time you arrange.

For beginners who want to start automated marketing, Buffer is a good tool because their initial plan is completely free. You can connect three accounts and schedule ten posts at once.

Its coolest feature should be Power Scheduler, which allows you to schedule a post and share it dozens of times a week. You just need to install the Chrome Extension, find the content you want to share, and schedule immediately!

Content Inbox also has a great feature: insert the RSS feeds of other peer blogs, and automatically fill in the content of their blogs in the post in advance.

You only need to search the blog and add articles to subscribe...

Then, click once to add the article link to your ranks.

This will ensure that you follow the 30/60/10 principle on social media:

  • You should "own" 30 % content (managed by your website) 
  • 60% "planning" (choose other sources yourself)
  • 10% promotion (get something from fans)

This allows you to profit from it and completely flip your fans on the social platform, while maintaining rich and valuable news, and ultimately building loyalty.


Email Automation-Split

Once you bring the traffic from social media to the site, you have to grasp the interests of those viewers and make them email subscribers. This allows you to contact them more directly and frequently.

In order to improve the effectiveness of communication, you need to appropriately segment your audience so that you can personalize your email and content according to their specific needs and interests.

Let's take a look at how to segment the list in MailChimp.

After logging in, click on Lists...

Select the list you want to use, then go to Settings> List Fields...

Then add a field...

Select List (Drop Down)...

Now you have to decide what kind of separation to make. Generally speaking, you will not divide too much, which will become more confusing. Try to keep 2-4.

For example, if you want to distinguish between registered users of the webinar, you can simply use the "Yes" or "No" option to set it.

You may want more specific breakdowns, such as the level of service they are suitable for.

When you are creating a registration form, you have two options:

  1. Require users to classify themselves
  2. Separate them in private

We choose the first one most often. When users fill out forms on the website, they need to answer questions like "How big is the development team?" This information will be submitted to your list later.

However, powerful marketers know that it is the best policy to get user information without disturbing users.

To do this, you need to set hidden fields in the form. Cancel the second box on the same page labeled "Do you want to display? (Visible?)".

Then create your form from the title list...

All the things I mentioned are applicable to various types of forms, including integration with tools such as WordPress and LeadPages. For this part, just create a general independent form.

You will notice, "Webinar"The blue shade of that column says "hidden"...

The reader's page looks like this...

You will automatically collect data behind the scenes, keep the data on the main email list, and send emails related to the webinar, but not necessarily for everyone.

Let's see how to do it.

Email Automation-Personalization

Using email tools like MailChimp is really great, because it can create preset templates to help you fill in messages automatically. For routine work that is responsible for sending emails such as newsletters every weekVery manageuse.

I will not specially design a good template here because the process is relatively simple. Just select the color, drag the image, enter the copy, and you're done in one click.

In addition, I want to tell you a little trick. Go to "Templates" and select a layout or theme...

This is where you customize the appearance of your email. But when you write a copy, be sure to use Merge Tags. With these, you can place a placeholder in the content, for example: * | FNAME | *, it will automatically fill in the recipient's name from the list data. You can customize these tags from the same list we set up hidden fields.

And make sure you fill in an appropriate preset value.

Email Automation-Drip Campaign

Now, if you want to go further, you can build a series of emails that will be automatically sent when you get new subscribers or when you have a brand new advertising campaign.

The content can be anything like welcome emails or new product releases.

Click on the list of advertisements (Campaigns) and select Create Campaign...

Choose the list you want to use...

You will see the picture below...

Here you can design emails (or use existing templates), or you can subdivide them to control the email sending time. The most important thing that needs to be automated here is the above trigger (Trigger), MailChimp knows when to send an email.

The condition can be "1 day after the subscriber joins the list" or "2 days after the last email was sent". You can also target more finely through customer behavior.

For example, see if the user has opened a previous email or clicked a link to send different emails to the user.

This automated approach makes the sales process more in line with the audience and actually improves conversion goals.


Don't run away

Automated marketing is really the only way and I believe you can easily get started.

You may need to spend a few hours, plus some time to modify and retouch, to build your own automated marketing funnel. After a week, a month, or a year, a good automation system will return you ten times the benefits.

Automation is most suitable for repetitive tasks, such as publishing social articles, or operating data to send email campaigns to target audiences based on customer behavior. You can try which method is more meaningful.

Remember, don't lose your mind suddenly and easily spend a lot of time and money playing those peculiar functions in the software. Be sure to ask yourself: " How much time will this save?"or" How much money will this make me?"

It is also important to maintain close contact with customers. You need to continue to manage the community and inbox to respond to customer questions and comments. Otherwise, once they are heartbroken, they won't put a hot face on your cold ass anymore.

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