Changing the marketing methods of the past, video marketing has become the trend of the future


Diode Digital data

People of 92%

Share the videos you have watched on your phone with others


Hubspot data

90% will affectTheir buying decision


Hubspot data

People at 80% remember the videos they watched last month


Hubspot data

After the 65% decision maker watched the marketing video,

Browsed the web

How to plan a video marketing strategy

Video marketing is a transformational strategy to attract target audiences, and it is more noticeable when searching.

It will also become your secret weapon to convert potential customers in the marketing funnel,

After the sales team shares the video, the transaction will increase!

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran in video marketing,

Should plan your video marketing blueprint,

The following steps will help you formulate a video marketing strategy:


Movie goal

What type of video content?
Who is the target audience?
What can the audience get?


Plan movie theme and type

Which department in the company will need this film?
Build content pillars
According to the content pillar, conceive the video type


The video must be able to be imported back to its website

Although Youtube is a great platform, it is not very useful in terms of video marketing strategy.

Because Youtube usually retains viewers, and what you need is to let viewers touch your website.

Use SEO to create goals on your website and immerse potential customers in the brand’s message and a large number of videos through the content journey.

You will find that many large advertising companies put a lot of videos on their websites.



How to measure your performance

Pay attention to breadth and drop rate

On average, have viewers over 60 % watched the movie?

Click rate

Separately tested email content with and without video

Total number of videos viewed by potential customers

How many videos does a potential customer watch every day, month, and week?

2020 year
The most effective content marketing

Video marketing has a real impact on potential customers, and customers are more likely to be emotionally driven to purchase products.

Buyers want to be satisfied with their choices. If the video marketing is done well, it is the best way to understand buyers.


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